2018 Window Replacement Report – Massachusetts Edition

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As a New Year dawns, replacement windows enjoy a very respectable position on many Massachusetts’ homeowner’s to-do list. Home improvements are being chosen for several reasons statewide: to improve the comfort and appearance of the home, to increase a home’s energy efficiency, and to boost a home’s curb appeal and resale value. Replacement windows deliver on all three counts, as do other popular upgrades, such as having new vinyl siding installed or replacing entryway doors.

Replacing Windows Room by Room or All at Once?

Massachusetts homeowners have two choices when scheduling replacement window installation. Some homeowners choose to have all the windows in the home replaced at once, while others work one room or side of the house at a time. The advantage of the first option is that it’s faster, while the second choice can be easier on the budget.

Having Replacement Windows Installed: What Traits Are Most Important in Massachusetts Contractors?

Regarding replacement window installation contractors, three traits are consistently reported as most important by Massachusetts homeowners are honesty/professionalism, expertise, and quality of installation. Experience is also an important factor when choosing a contractor to install your replacement windows.

The people who are happiest with their replacement window installations are those who researched and sought out a replacement window installation company, rather than those who chose a contractor who approached them with high-pressure sales techniques. It is also an important best practice to check that any replacement window company you’re considering working with is licensed and insured. Checking references can take time, but it is time well spent.

All Vinyl vs Wood Clad Vinyl Replacement Windows

All vinyl replacement windows feature easy to clean vinyl inside and out, while wood clad vinyl replacement windows have wood on the inside for a warm, luxurious look. Both types of replacement windows offer superior energy efficiency.