After a Break In: Choosing a New Entranceway Door for South Shore Home Security

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“My Mother lived alone, and when she had a health scare that put her in the hospital, some low-lifes took advantage of the situation to break into her home,” Adam said. “Obviously scary. We’re staying with her while she recovers, and to help make it clear to anyone that might be watching that this home is occupied. The front door was damaged during the break in, so it needed to be replaced: we want to upgrade to a new entranceway door that’s attractive and secure.”

Therma-Tru replacement doors are the doors professionals use most. We recommend them for door replacement, as well as for home improvement projects that require an entranceway door, such as an addition. There are several reasons we favor Therma-Tru doors. The quality of construction is beyond compare. When someone is trying to force entry to a home, a flimsy or weak entranceway door makes their job simple. There’s no easy forcing an Therma-Tru door: they’re heavy, solid doors that can withstand intrusion attempts. Remember, if the bad guys can’t get into a home quickly and easily, they will move onto easier pickings.

Therma-Tru doors are also attractive. In many South Shore neighborhoods, curb appeal is a very important consideration. You want an entranceway door that enhances the appeal of your home’s aesthetic. Many Therma-Tru doors feature glass panels, which are ideal for letting in light. It’s important to know that you can choose how frosted or opaque the glass is, if you’re concerned about burglars peeking through the windows. There are privacy ratings ranging from 1 – which is absolutely clear glass – to 10, which is glass you can’t see through at all. Any door with a privacy rating above 8 features heavily textured glass, which keeps light in and curious onlookers’ eyes out.

It’s important to us that our customers feel safe within their home. That’s why we can perform expedited replacement door installation on an as-needed basis. If you or a family member has a circumstance that requires replacement door installation right away, give us a call: we’ll take care of you.