After Breaking Records Last Year, What Will This Winter Be Like In Boston?

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Last year, winter in Boston was all about the snow. This year, not so much, according to NOAA weather forecasters, who are predicting a return to more reasonable snowfalls. This winter’s projected to be more typical – which means we will have our share of precipitation and cold temperatures, but hopefully far less drama over getting roads cleared and protecting parking spaces.

It’s still a good idea to review ways to stay warm in your Boston home. Now is a good time to examine your doors and windows. You’re looking for drafts and leaks. This is where the cold air gets in and the warm air gets out. Heating your home is already expensive: wasting heat by letting it leak outdoors makes it even more so.

Sometimes leaks and drafts can be addressed by caulking around the window frame. That’s always an avenue worth exploring. However, sometimes caulk just isn’t going to fix the issue. Older Boston homes often have single or double pane windows that simply aren’t up to the job of keeping the cold out. Leaks around the glass are one issue; sometimes the cold just comes right through. In this instance, you need to consider having replacement windows installed.

The best replacement windows are custom created to fit your specific home. Featuring multiple panes of glass with insulating gas pockets between and sturdy, robust seals today’s replacement windows keep the cold out. They also can improve the appearance of your home, just like putting on a new pair of glasses can totally change your look. You can choose both the interior and exterior finish of your replacement windows, as well as the grid design (if any – you can have replacement windows with no grid at all, including replacement picture windows!) and hardware.

When you have great replacement windows installed, it doesn’t matter what the forecast says – you’ll be warm and comfy indoors!