As Temperatures Drop, Replacement Windows Look More Appealing

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“We’ve been talking about replacement windows for a while now, but frankly, I wasn’t sure we needed to spend the money,” Harold said. “Then one day I was sitting with my wife in the front room and there was this incredibly cold draft – I mean a chill you could feel in your bones cold. I said “Where in the world did that come from?” My wife pointed to the window and said, “Now do you see what I’m talking about?”

Winter temperatures in the South Shore average around the freezing mark, with occasional dips below the freezing mark. When there’s a wind chill, it can feel even colder than it actually is. Older home windows do little to keep cold breezes out; at the same time, leaky seals and sills can let the warmed air inside the house outdoors. The result is both uncomfortable and expensive.

“I’m not a do-it-yourself type,” Harold explained. “So we looked for a South Shore replacement window company that could do everything for us. They came in, measured the windows, ordered the replacement windows – we did pick out the finish and hardware, which was a fairly straightforward process – and then they came and installed the new windows. They took the old windows away, too. The whole process was quick and simple.” He laughed. “And then I spent all this time standing in the front room, trying to see if I could feel the breeze. Nothing – in fact, the room was warmer and far more comfortable than usual.”

Home heating costs are often reduced by having replacement windows installed. “That’s a nice savings,” Harold said, “and in talking with our tax professional, I found out we’re eligible for some tax credits as a result of choosing Energy Star rated replacement windows. It’s worth investigating, if you haven’t done the research yet, I would encourage you too!”