Before Allergy Season Arrives: It’s Time to Talk About Replacement Windows

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It’s still pretty chilly outside, but spring, with all of its pollen-producing plants, is right around the corner. The Food and Drug Administration reports an estimated 36 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. If you’re among them – or one of your family members is – you know how important it is to have your home be a place free from the allergy triggers that make it hard to breathe.

Replacement Windows & Indoor Air Quality

The quality of your home’s windows has a direct impact on the indoor air quality your family lives with. It’s simple: leaky windows that have gaps, cracks, or holes that allow air to come in from the outside can also let common allergy triggers, like pollen from trees, grass, and weeds, into your home.

Once those triggering agents are in your home, you, or anyone who is allergic to them, can have a reaction. Allergic reactions can range from the mild – headaches, red eyes, sneezing and more – to severe, including breathing problems. Everybody who struggles with seasonal allergies, particularly people who have severe reactions, needs to coordinate with their doctor for a treatment plan.

Keeping the home free from allergy triggers is important. Many families invest in an air filtration system that removes particulate matter from the interior air. Having replacement windows installed is one way to minimize the amount of allergy triggers that enter the home via leaky windows and doors.

Replacement Windows for Children’s Bedrooms

“I don’t have seasonal allergies. My husband does, but only to a really mild degree. Our youngest daughter Lori however is another story,” explained Monica, who lives in the Braintree area. “Her system just can’t handle the pollen and she winds up really miserable.”

The family has a limited budget to work with, so they decided to prioritize having replacement windows installed in the children’s bedrooms first. “When you get down to it, the majority of the time that we’re home, they’re in their bedrooms,” Monica said. “And it would be nice if Lori could sleep through the night without hacking and coughing.”

Having the replacement windows installed made a definite improvement in Lori’s ability to sleep through the night. “The difference in air quality is amazing,” Monica said. “I hadn’t realized that a little draft was such a big deal, but clearly it was. She still had a touch of hay fever last year, but nothing like it was.”

If your family struggles with seasonal allergies, and you’d like to learn how having replacement windows installed can help with your interior air quality concerns, give us a call. We’re here to help Braintree families live healthier, more comfortable lives!