Best Replacement Windows for the Kitchen

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“I love washing dishes looking out this window,” Kara said. Her Braintree home is her very favorite place to be; together with her husband Bob, she’s been working on renovating the fixer upper for over five years. “But the challenge here is the breeze. The window’s got two panes of glass, but as far as I can tell, they’re not doing much to keep the cold out. I can feel the draft coming right in, both through the glass and around the seals. The whole unit has to be replaced.”

The search for the best kitchen replacement windows began by identifying what qualities were important to Kara. “Easy to clean is a must,” she said. “I get a little bit older every day and I don’t want to kill myself climbing up on a step ladder to clean the window.” The easy to wipe clean interior finishes of vinyl replacement windows appealed to Kara instantly. “I’m not saying I’m the type of cook who gets spaghetti sauce everywhere,” she said with a grin, “but I’m not saying I’m not that type of cook either. Something that you can just wipe clean with a sponge – perfect!”

Energy efficiency was also important to Kara. “Let’s keep those cold breezes out!” She worked closely with her Braintree replacement window company to identify which custom replacement windows would best keep her warm and comfortable in her kitchen. “It’s amazing what a difference there is between the modern replacement windows and the windows they were using when this place was built in the Nineties,” Kara said. “I could feel the difference right away.” This season’s heating bills have been lower than normal, in part due to abnormally warm winter temperatures, “But I know that snow is coming,” Kara said. “And now that I have my new kitchen windows, I can watch it fall without feeling cold!”