Better Windows, Better Life: The Home Upgrade That Makes the Most Sense for 2022

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“I’m really enjoying making this house our home,” Jennifer said, linking arms with her husband. “When we lived in the apartment, there was really no freedom. You have no control in that space. But now? If I want a better view of the backyard? I can have a better view of the backyard.”

A Life Full of Light: Why Adding Windows Makes Sense

“We have a budget for home improvements, which means choosing upgrades that are impactful and affordable,” she explained. “If I’m going to spend the money, I want to see a real positive change in our quality of life.”

Having new windows installed in the family room transformed the look of Jennifer’s home, while giving the family a great view of their fun backyard. “The kids play out there, we have the patio and barbecue out there, my garden is out there,” Jennifer explained. “Our family does a lot of outdoor living, and I want that to feel connected to the rest of our home.”

Added Bonus: A Greener Healthier Lifestyle

“During the pandemic, we got into houseplants,” Jennifer said. “I mean, really into houseplants. The new windows let in a lot of light that makes it easier to keep the plants healthy and happy. They say plants make the air cleaner, and I believe it.”

The current generation of window technology is the most advanced and energy efficient the world has ever seen. With the increased ability to keep a home’s heat indoors during the cold winter months, new windows can help reduce the amount of fuel needed to keep the house warm. This is good for the family’s budget and the environment.

“The house looks happier. The house feels happier,” Jennifer said. “When we have our friends over, the kids can be playing in the backyard and it’s easy for us to see them from inside the house. That’s a special kind of hospitality, when the Moms actually get to have fun and relax.”