3 Things To Know When Choosing Replacement WIndows

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“One thing that I discovered when I started talking about replacing the windows in my Braintree house is that everyone thinks they’re an expert,” Shauna said with a laugh. “You get people trying to tell you all kinds of things. I’m not handy – so that was the end of all the folks telling me to go to Home Depot for the DIY thing – and I want my house to look really good. So here’s what I learned while doing my research into choosing replacement windows.”

“First, you need to actually see samples of the windows you’re thinking about getting. Looking at a window on a website just doesn’t cut it. Talk to the replacement window company and ask them about other houses they’ve worked on. We did that, and I drove all around Braintree and some other neighborhoods, checking the various windows out. And to be totally honest with you, you can see a difference in the windows even when you’re out on the sidewalk. Some houses just looked better because the quality of the replacement windows was obviously higher.”

“Second, energy efficiency. I don’t know if you’ve priced replacement windows recently, but they’re not giving those things away! Having truly efficient replacement windows installed makes a meaningful difference on your heating bill. Your fuel costs will go down. I’m planning on using these savings to offset the costs of my windows,” Shauna said, “and I learned that for the best savings, you need Energy Star rated windows. And you want to be selective, choosing windows that have double panes of glass surrounding insulating gas pockets. Your view is flawless, but the cold stays out and the heat stays in.”

“Third, it’s important to choose a replacement window company that’s been around a while. I don’t know what it is with fly-by-night contractors, but they seem to target communities like Braintree. Who wants to get scammed? I did my research, and asked for references, and double checked by asking other local homeowners their experiences. Do that, and you’re much more likely to be happy with your replacement windows.”