Let The Light In: Replacement Windows for the Bathroom

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“I fell in love with this house the minute I saw it,” said Nick, of his new Braintree home. “It’s spacious, it’s got a great look – the garage is such a plus! There’s only one problem, and that’s how dark the bathroom is.” The home’s master bath has only a single small window, which doesn’t let in much natural light at all. “To me, that’s depressing. You walk into this room, and it’s like a cave.”

Consultations with Nick’s Braintree building contractor let him know he had a couple of options. The first was to add a skylight; the second was to have a replacement window installed. “The suggestion of a bigger window for the bathroom made a lot of sense, but I did have concerns,” Nick said. “That side of the house looks directly into the side of our neighbor’s place; I certainly didn’t want to surprise them with a great view of our master bath!” He also felt uneasy about how his neighbors would perceive the window. “I didn’t want them to feel like they were under observation,” Nick added. “Nobody likes to feel watched.”

Luckily, today’s high quality vinyl replacement windows offer more than energy efficiency and increased access to natural light. The homeowner can also choose different glass finishes, including frosted and etched looks that let in plenty of light while obscuring the view. “This isn’t the ugly snowflake pattern we all grew up with as kids,” Nick pointed out. “There are some very attractive glass options available.” Choosing to have replacement windows installed in Braintree turned out to be the right solution for Nick. “It was affordable and it worked like a dream!”