Can We Talk? It’s About Your Sliding Glass Door

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If you’re lucky, you have a friend who will always tell you the truth, even if it’s not at all what you want to hear. This is the friend you bring with you when you’re shopping for outfits for special events – like the job interview or first date when you really want to make a great impression. But there’s one thing that even the most blunt buddy may be reluctant to mention – much needed home repairs like the fact your sliding glass door desperately needs attention.

There’s a reason for this: while a new outfit might set you back a little bit financially, home repairs can be very expensive. But as your friend would tell you, sometimes you’ve got to step up and address a problematic situation before it gets out of hand. The other thing your friend would tell you is that if your sliding door is ten or more years old, it might need some TLC.

Sliding glass doors, especially older ones, don’t always age well. Sometimes sliding glass doors sag; the tracks can get out of alignment, hardware can stop functioning or break, and the glass itself is particularly vulnerable. When your sliding glass door isn’t functioning properly, cold drafts and breezes get in easier. You may have noticed that it’s chillier around your sliding glass door – that’s not a good sign. Another concern is that a sliding glass door isn’t working properly is that it poses a potential security risk: thieves and other bad actors know that sliding glass doors often aren’t well maintained, making them a prime opportunity.

Luckily, you can have your sliding glass door replaced, and it’s more affordable than you – or your very honest friend – might even imagine. Sliding glass door replacement can make your home safer, warmer, and more comfortable. Like replacement windows, replacement sliding glass doors can be manufactured to fit exactly into your home. To learn more, give us a call: we’ll be happy to discuss the one issue your friend didn’t want to address!