Can You Get Shingle & Shake Siding in Vinyl?

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“I can tell you, right up front, that I’m already 100% on board with the idea of vinyl siding for our Pembroke home,” Mike said. “I hate painting, I’ve got no time to constantly be maintaining the house, I don’t want to deal with any of that. So bring on the vinyl. It’s perfect for busy guys like me. But there’s just one problem. My wife wants that shingle & shake look… and you know how that goes: a happy wife is a happy life. Does this mean I’m doomed to having a house I have to paint?”

We’ve got good news for you, Mike! Today’s high quality vinyl sidings are available in a wide variety of looks. In addition to the familiar horizontal vinyl siding and board and batten look vertical vinyl siding, you can indeed get shingle and shake vinyl siding in Pembroke.

It’s been over 20 years since we first installed shingle and shake vinyl siding. The Certainteed Shingle Siding is an attractive, well-made, long lasting product that absolutely provides the classic shingle & shake look. Talk about classic New England! When you comparing pricing, maintenance costs, and durability, the vinyl shingle and shake siding is a exterior cladding choice any Yankee would be proud to make.

We’d be happy to show you the vinyl shingle and shake siding jobs we’ve done in person. This is a truly versatile product, with over 30 different colors available. Shingles and shakes are available in a variety of widths for a truly authentic look. Come on in to find out more – we’d love to answer any questions you have!