Can’t We Just Fix It? Window Repair Vs Window Replacement

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“I try to live a very environmentally conscious lifestyle,” Rayne, a Scituate homeowner, said. “I believe being mindful about the choices we make, particularly with our homes, has a real impact on our collective well-being. So when we were talking about what we were going to do about our home’s windows, I was very resistant to the idea of having replacement windows installed. Why couldn’t we just fix them instead?”

“My partner is a very data-driven sort of person,” Rayne continued. “They didn’t have an expressed preference for either repairing the windows or purchasing new vinyl replacement windows. What they did care about was determining what made sense for our budget. So the choice was left up to me – as long as it made financial sense.”

Rayne began doing her research. The first thing she discovered is that finding someone who could repair her home’s windows was tougher than she though. “We had some windows that couldn’t open, and others that wouldn’t close properly. All of them fogged up constantly, and they leaked significant amounts of heat, which was costing a lot of money. When I finally found a contractor who was willing to take on the job of repairing the windows, the prices I was quoted were astronomical – it was more than $250 to replace a single pane of glass. Some of our older windows have 9 panes – that’s more than $2,000 for just one window!”

Armed with that information, Rayne talked to a Scituate replacement window contractor. Not only were vinyl replacement windows the more affordable option, they offered Rayne and her partner considerable energy savings. “When we stopped paying for heat that leaked out through the old windows, our energy bill came down. It turned out that the best way to fix leaky windows is to replace them!”