Casement Window Replacement in Scituate

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“One of the things I really love about our home is the way the windows open,” Lynn said. “They’re original to the home – I think they’re probably from the forties – and they’re absolutely terrible at keeping the winter wind out, but the style of them is just so great.” Lynn had taken a few strolls through her local Scituate home improvement superstore, only to discover the window replacement options available looked nothing like the windows she had and loved. “I thought I was out of luck,” she said. “I just reconciled myself to wearing sweaters and knowing that houseplants were a thing we just couldn’t do.”

Lynn’s partner, JoSelle, was not willing to let things go so easily. “I was sure there had to be such a thing as replacement casement windows,” she said. “A little Google searching confirmed I was right, and then we asked some people in the neighborhood who was the best contractor to install replacement windows in Scituate.”

Replacement casement windows are available in Energy Star rated versions, which means they’ve been designated by the EPA as an energy-efficient option. Aesthetics are important to many homeowners, which is why replacement casement windows are available in a variety of looks and finishes. The Majesty Casement Windows we recommend come in four exterior colors: white, almond, dark bronze, and forest green. Between glass grids also are available in a variety of styles, including Colonial, Diamond, and Prarie.

“Knowing we could keep our home’s look and be warm and save money?” Lynn said. “It didn’t take much for JoSelle to talk me into having our casement windows replaced!”