When You Need Window Repair Fast in the South Shore

Sometimes bad things happen to our homes. Stormy weather and high winds can result in broken windows. Windows can be damaged by people trying to force entry into your home – or just as easily by kids hitting a baseball where it was never meant to go. When you need window repair fast in the […]

Are My New Windows Causing Condensation?

What’s Condensation? Condensation is the result of high humidity levels. It happens when warm, moist air touches a surface that’s colder than the dew point. The dew point is the temperature at which air becomes saturated and produces dew. As the air temperature drops below its dew point, the excess liquid appears on the colder […]

When Mom Moves In: Creating Comfortable In-Law Apartments Begins With Great Windows

“We’d never really considered Mom living with us on a long-term basis before, but with everything that’s happened, it’s the right choice.” Jeanne, a Massachusetts homeowner, is in the midst of renovating her home. “We’re having the garage converted into a little apartment for Mom. Like a tiny house! It’ll have its own kitchen, bathroom, […]

Inflation-Proofing Home: The Role of Replacement Windows

Are you experiencing economic uncertainty? Do you get stressed out thinking about the rising costs of heating your Massachusetts home? Inflation is a big concern for a lot of people. When money’s tight, you want to make sure you’re not wasting any. In this article, we’re going to talk about the role replacement windows have […]

Windows For the Upscale Home: Choosing the Best Replacement Windows

The minute you buy a house, the process begins of transforming it into the home of your dreams. And this is a process. Upgrades, renovations, and customizations are what separates the beautiful family home from the ordinary house. In this article, we’re going to talk about one of the most common upgrades homeowners make – […]

Want A Quieter House? Replace Your Windows.

“My neighbor has a car he loves very much,” Gwendolyn said. “But I have to say that I don’t. When he’s out there working on the engine, revving up the motor – it goes through the whole house. And it gives me such a headache!” If you’re searching for a way to reduce the noise […]

Do Replacement Windows Really Make That Much Difference In How Warm The House Is?

So here you are. You have this house. You know it’s not particularly energy efficient. It gets cold and drafty sometimes, and you’re spending more on your heating bill than you really want to. What are your home improvement options to address this problem? Option one is insulation. If a home is underinsulated, you’re losing […]

3 Reasons To Consider Replacing The Windows in Your Home

If you’re in the home you’re going to be in for a while, you want to be warm and comfortable. Your home’s windows play a pivotal role in determining how comfortable your home is going to be. This works out in a couple of different ways. Your windows protect your home from temperature – keeping […]

What Type of Exterior Resists Insect Damage Best?

“Having had problems in my life with termites, I’m not eager to have that experience again,” Dwayne said. Along with his wife Carrie, Dwayne is having a home built in the Halifax area. “What I want to know is what type of exterior resists insect damage best.” In New England, there are a number of […]