3 Reasons to Love Storm Windows

“When I first moved to the South Shore, I’d never even heard of storm windows. I am from Trinidad. We don’t even have snow!” Jean explained with a laugh. “So as someone new to living in Massachusetts, the winter was a shock. Our home was cold and drafty. Zero stars, do not recommend.” A big […]

Fall is Ideal Time for Siding Installation

Want to spruce up the house before the holidays? Fall is prime time for vinyl siding installation in the South Shore. Here’s what you should know if you’re thinking about upgrading your home’s exterior. The best vinyl siding lasts 20+ years. This is important information if you’re in your forever home. Maximize your budget and […]

How Hard Is It Really to Replace a Basement Window?

There’s a story going around on Twitter right now about a homeowner who had a broken basement window that was boarded up for years, because he thought repairing it was going to be a more involved, expensive job than it ultimately turned out to be. There were several important life lessons to be recognized via […]

Is Replacing Your Windows Really a DIY Project?

During the pandemic, a lot of South Shore homeowners got very serious about fixing up their homes. Some renovation and remodeling projects are great for the homeowner to tackle on their own, but what about replacement windows? If you’re thinking about taking on this project on your own, check out these three reasons why you […]

Replacement Windows for Older Homes: Are They Worth The Investment?

“People have been telling me for years that I should replace the windows in this place.” Janet has owned her South Shore area home since 1984. “It’s just I’ve been too busy. But now that I’m living on my retirement income, I’ve become really aware of how much it costs to keep my home warm. […]

Garden Windows: Framing the View

“Over the course of 2020, I did what a lot of people did,” Janice said. “I really, really got into gardening.” The South Shore homeowner transformed her back yard, putting in a small pond, a raised bed vegetable garden, and what she laughingly calls an orchard in training – three small apple trees. “What I’d […]

The Most Beautiful Way to Replace Your Carbon Footprint

“My daughter is an environmentalist, and that’s really impacted the way our family does things.” Brenda recently purchased a home in the Scituate area, and is in the process of renovating it. “We’re very mindful of how the choices we make impact the planet. That’s why one of the upgrades we absolutely have to make […]

Thinking About Replacement Windows? Three Things You Need to Know

Having replacement windows installed is one of the most popular home improvements in the South Shore area. The reason for this is simple: many older homes have older windows that just aren’t as energy efficient. This means homes are cold and drafty. It can cost a fortune to keep the family home warm. But if […]

Smart Home Improvements If You Want To Save Money

Massachusetts homeowners! Are you looking for ways to save money? One major expense you have is heating and cooling your home. Perhaps you know how much you spent keeping the family comfortable last year. If you don’t, check your finances. It can be an eye-opening realization to see how much it costs to keep a […]

Replacement Windows After A Home Addition

“I was very excited to have our new kitchen addition built,” Donna said. “It’s such a beautiful space, so open and airy. I love being in there. But what I don’t love is how the addition looks from the outside. Even though we tried carefully to integrate it into the existing look of the home, […]