Choose Replacement Windows for Bathrooms Carefully

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“The kids have grown up and it’s time to renovate their bathroom,” Robert said. “Believe me, it’s time.” The renovation involves completely gutting the bathroom, replacing the sink, vanity, lighting, flooring, and taking out the bathtub to put in a shower unit. “We’re also taking out the window. I’d like tips on choosing a replacement window that doesn’t leak. The bathroom’s always been cold and drafty and I’d like to change that.”

Replacement windows can make a huge difference in how comfortable a room is. Older leaky windows often allow chilly breezes to sneak in. Bathrooms are the worst place to be cold: nothing takes the pleasure out of a hot shower like a frigid wind sneaking across the skin. Replacement windows feature multiple panes of glass and insulating gas pockets that keep the cold air outside where it belongs so you can enjoy your shower in comfort!

Your Braintree replacement window company will carefully inspect the windowsill area when they take the old window out. Bathrooms are damp environments and as such the window sill is exposed to moisture inside and out. Depending on the quality of the original construction, and how leaky the bathroom window is, the window sill and the boards beneath it can become damaged by moisture. In some cases, this damage can be remedied by doing sill replacement; in other cases, more extensive repairs will be required. If you’ve been on the fence about bathroom window replacement, know that making this change to your home can actually prevent further damage from occurring. As we all know it’s less expensive to fix a problem when it’s small rather than when it’s large.

Bathroom replacement windows are available in a variety of styles to suit your home’s look. Vinyl replacement windows are a great low maintenance option!