Choosing Replacement Windows & Doors For the South Shore Home

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Owning property in the South Shore presents a unique set of challenges. The region has a distinctive aesthetic, with historic homes coupling nautical elements with colonial sensibilities side by side with more modern homes built to do their very best to fit in. The South Shore experiences four distinct seasons, characterized by periodic bouts of extreme weather. We get scorching hot summers and frigid winters, all of which are tough on windows and doors.

When exterior windows and doors become compromised by prolonged exposure to the weather, they let increasing amounts of cold air in and warmed air out. Home heating experts consistently put the amount of a home’s heat that can be lost due to old, leaky windows and doors at 40% – that’s nearly half of the heat you’re paying for being lost. Having replacement windows and doors installed is a smart move to save money and enjoy a more comfortable home.

Choosing replacement windows and doors for the South Shore home becomes easier when you work with a company experienced with the unique environmental challenges our region provides. Salt and sea side wind exposure is a real issue: choosing durable high quality vinyl replacement windows can stand the test of time reduces the need for expensive ongoing maintenance.

When choosing replacement entrance way doors for the South Shore home is a lot easier now that there’s a wide range of extremely high quality, secure replacement doors available. Unlike the flimsy replacement doors of yesteryear, today’s replacement doors are both attractive and strong. You’ll feel safe in your home and happy about showing your friends and family the new door.