Choosing Replacement Windows in the South Shore

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For the coastal homeowner, choosing the right replacement windows is a very big deal. In other parts of the country, if a cool breeze sneaks in from time to time, it might not be such a big deal. But South Shore winter weather can be brutal. Nor’easters are particularly problematic: storms that move up the East Coast, gathering moisture as they go, deliver significant snowfalls, lots of cold wind, and freezing temperatures. If your replacement windows aren’t up to snuff, your family can be very uncomfortable.

We sometimes have South Shore homeowners ask us which is better, wood clad replacement windows or vinyl replacement windows? The answer depends on your priorities. All of the replacement windows we sell are of superior quality, and we take extra care during the installation process to be sure that you never have to worry about moisture penetration or chilly drafts. The wood vs vinyl question comes down to aesthetics: wood replacement windows have a more traditional interior finish, but you’re going to pay more for them. Vinyl replacement windows are very common throughout the South Shore area and are super easy to clean and maintain. This makes them a great choice for busy families who are trying to maximize their budget.

If you know all the windows in your South Shore home need to be replaced, but budget concerns dictate that you don’t do the entire job at once, you may be wondering which windows to replace first. One route is to replace street-facing windows first: you’ll maximize your home’s curb appeal. Another route is to determine which windows are in most need of replacement – generally those on the side facing prevailing winds – and have your South Shore replacement window company replace those first.