Choosing Vertical or Horizontal Siding for Your South Shore Home: Which Look Makes Sense?

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High quality vertical siding is available in two configurations. Horizontal vinyl siding is the more common configuration; the ridges in the siding are oriented parallel to the grand. Vertical vinyl siding has the ridges in the siding oriented up and down. Both types of siding deliver superior protection from the elements, long lasting durable color, and a low maintenance lifestyle. So which type of siding is right for your South Shore home?

Here are some questions to consider. Here in the South Shore, we have a mix of traditional New England building styles. For colonial or traditional style homes, horizontal vertical siding is often the default choice, while homes embracing the seaside cottage living aesthetic only seem well dressed when they’re clad in vinyl vertical siding.

Your personal aesthetic is also really important. After all, this is your home, and it should reflect your personal style. One of the nice things about vinyl siding is that it does come in a wide variety of colors and styles. While white, tan, grays and blue tend to be the most popular vinyl siding of colors, you have many more options. Your choice of color can impact your preference for horizontal or vertical vinyl siding.

Sometimes it’s good to consider how your home fits in the neighborhood as well. It may be that you’d like your home to blend seamlessly into the neighborhood, and so you make your siding choice based on what style is most prevalent in your community. Other people take the opposite approach and choose a siding style that makes their home visually distinct in the neighborhood. There’s no right or wrong answer; you’re the one who lives in the home, so you get to choose what makes you happy – unless you’re bound by a HOA or historic home designation that dictates what vinyl siding choices are available to you.