Choosing Windows & Doors for Your Cohasset Home

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Coastal Living magazine loves Cohasset, and small wonder. Once home to shipbuilders and fishermen, today Cohasset has become a charming, affluent community with lovely seaside homes and plenty of open space.

Many of the homes in the area are either older homes, or relatively newly built. For current homeowners, the challenge is often to make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient without changing the home’s charming appearance.

Replacement Windows for Cohasset Homes

The great news is that for many Cohasset homes, it’s possible to install replacement windows that look exactly the same as the existing windows, while offering much greater performance. Your home will be warmer and more energy efficient while the exterior looks the way it did when you fell in love with it.

The nice thing about vinyl replacement windows is that there’s virtually no maintenance involved. If you have one of the older homes in Cohasset, you might be familiar with how much work is involved in keeping wooden window frames looking good in a coastal town. It’s a constant routine of scraping and painting in the hopes of protecting the window frames from seaside air. If you’re paying a painter to do this, you’re spending a small fortune.

Vinyl replacement windows are ideal in the coastal setting. They’re not as vulnerable to damage as wood, and there’s no need to paint them – ever. The most maintenance vinyl windows need is an occasional spray from the hose. Inside, the tilt-in design makes cleaning super simple. If you’re doing a classic look inside, opt for wood-clad vinyl windows. Need a family-friendly, easy-to-clean interior? Choose vinyl inside and out – frames wipe clean easily with a damp cloth – great news if you’ve got little ones leaving fingerprints everywhere or furry companions sharing your home.

Choosing Doors for Cohasset Homes

When choosing a door for a home in Cohasset, two things matter: the door’s quality and its design. You want a front entranceway that’s reflective of your home’s character and the neighborhood’s aesthetics. We’ve found that for many of our customers, the ability to customize their door design is very important. That’s why we recommend Therma-tru Replacement Doors. They deliver on every level.