Classy & Unique: Choosing Windows & Doors for the South Shore Home

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“Some people are happy living in a home that looks like it could belong to anyone,” Racheal said. “But I am not some people. I want our home to represent who we are. I want our friends to see it and say “Of course that’s Racheal and Brandon’s place!”

Brandon spoke up. “Unique is good, but I don’t want weird,” he said. “The South Shore definitely has its own vibe, and I want us to be part of that. Not ostentatious, by any means, but classy, certainly.”

“So that’s our home renovation challenge,” Racheal laughed. “We need to be unique and classy. How do we do that?”

Well, seeing as we’re a South Shore window & door company, we’re going to talk about windows and doors. Windows in particular can really influence the look of your home, inside and out. And the front entranceway is like a statement piece of jewelry for your home – meant to be beautiful and eye catching.

Unique, Classy Replacement Windows for the South Shore

If you’re looking for special replacement windows, prepare to spend some time enjoying the variety of styles available from today’s top manufacturers. Vinyl replacement windows do not have to be basic. You can choose a style and color that’s absolutely distinct while enjoying all of the energy efficiency benefits. Wood clad vinyl replacement windows are a top option for South Shore home owners who want an upscale look without spending a fortune – and there’s no need for a complicated maintenance routine to keep your home looking great.

The Classy, Unique Front Door: Therma-Tru Entrance Doors

For our clients who are looking for a truly distinctive front door that’s both unique and classy, we recommend Therma-Tru entrance doors. These doors are exceptionally well built and customizable: there are hundreds of possible combinations of design, color, and glass treatments available. We’ve found that South Shore homeowners who choose a Therma-Tru door to boost their home’s curb appeal also appreciate the sense of security that comes with a well-built door, as well as the energy efficiency these doors offer.