Creating an Upscale Look on a Reasonable Budget: Choosing Replacement Windows

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If you own your home long enough, at some point, the topic of replacing the windows comes up. Older windows, particularly those that went in during the 1980’s and 1990’s, are beginning to show how well they age.

In some cases, the answer is ‘not very well’! Windows that are 20-30 years old often have vulnerable points along the frame where cold air and moisture can enter the home. When this happens, you get chilly drafts. Mold and mildew growth can become an issue. The inside of your home will be a little noiser, because where air from outside can come in, sounds from outside can come in too.

Reduce Home Heating Costs & Save Money

Having replacement windows installed can help Weymouth homeowners save money on their home heating costs. You see, all the vulnerable points in your windows that allow cold air, moisture & noise in also let the warm air your home heating system produces out. Your furnace has to run more often – in some houses, almost 24/7! – because you’re continually losing heat through your windows.

Energy experts report that you can lose up to 40% of your home’s heat through leaky windows and doors. That’s heat – and money! – wasted!

Today’s replacement windows are so energy efficient. They don’t have the vulnerable points to let cold air in and warm air out. All of the heat you were wasting will now stay in your home. It will be cheaper to keep your family’s living space at a comfortable temperature – and everybody enjoys having a little extra money in the budget.

Upscale Look, Budget Friendly Prices

Weymouth is a very appearance-conscious community. When you want to maintain or improve your home’s curb appeal, choosing the right replacement windows matters. Choosing vinyl replacement windows is a smart way to make the most of your budget: choose a design that enhances your home’s appearance and get the super easy no-painting-ever-required maintenance routine as an added bonus.