Design a Deck for Happiness: Fun Family Living

Over 1,000 homes served in over 40 years of business

Over the years, we’ve worked on many family homes in the South of Boston. Outdoor living is getting more popular every day, but it’s not exactly new. Families have always enjoyed having a great deck. But what makes a great deck great? Let us spell it out.

Great Deck Feature #1: Space for Everyone

While the average deck is just about 400 square feet, the best decks tend to be larger. Having space for family and friends can sometimes require a multi-level deck, or a deck with different functional areas – for example, the outdoor kitchen with a high end grill is over here while the shaded screen room where Grandma entertains the little ones is over there. As deck designers in the South Boston area, we see lots of decks that total 750+ square feet.

Great Deck Feature #2: Affordable, Durable Construction

If you’ve been paying attention to the price of building materials, you’ve seen the costs for traditional decking materials go up fast. An affordable, planet friendly alternative is composite decking. Made of recycled materials, composite decking is strong; resists warping, twisting, or buckling in the sun; and is largely insect and mold proof. Available in a variety of colors and finishes to accent the appearance of your home’s style.

Great Deck Feature #3: Green Features

Interest in gardening has gone through the roof. Green features, such as built in planters, are the season’s must have deck amenity. While it’s still very awesome to sit around a fire pit or listen to a fountain bubbling away, having space to grow a few tomato plants and some salad greens strongly appeals to lots of homeowners. Using plantings to create privacy screening is also a popular feature. The garden is fun because kids love getting involved with growing their own food. Easy crops like cherry tomatoes can spur a lifelong love of gardening.