Does a Porch Enclosure Make Sense for Your Property?

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If you love the great outdoors but hate mosquito bites and sunburn, you’ll want to know about porch enclosures. Porch enclosures turn your open porch into a sunroom, screen porch, or three-season room. They’re a smart, affordable way to add living space to your home and gain more enjoyment from the porch you already have.

But is a porch enclosure right for your home?

One way to approach this question is by asking yourself how much you use your porch as it currently is. Is this an area you’re on daily, or just on the weekends, or just on the warm weekends, or just on the warm weekends in the summer when the bugs aren’t biting?

The nice thing about porch enclosures is they make the space you already have usable for more of the year. As South Shore contractors, we’ve seen plenty of open porches that have to sit empty when heavy rainstorms goes through the area. As much as it would be nice to be on the porch, doing so would mean you get soaked! But with a porch enclosure’s windows between you and the storm, your porch is now a place to relax and have a good time.

If you’d like to use your porch more, a porch enclosure is a good idea.

Is your house a little crowded right now?

After two years of pandemic, with families working and schooling from home, the house might be feeling a little crowded. Porch enclosures create additional living space in a really affordable fashion. If you’re looking at your budget and saying an addition just isn’t in the budget, you can ease the space crunch with a porch enclosure for a fraction of the price.

Porch enclosures can work well as home offices, study areas, or a designated place to relax and have fun. We’ve had homeowners who use their porch enclosures as yoga studios or work out rooms.