Does Having Replacement Windows Installed Really Save You Money?

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Many homeowners in the Marshfield area are concerned with saving money. A big part of every budget is home heating costs. It starts to get cold in October here, and it might not get too terribly warm until April arrives. For that entire stretch of time – we’re talking up to seven months – you’re going to have your home heating system running to at least some degree. And the more you run your heat, the higher your fuel bill is.

Here’s how windows enter the picture. Think of your house like an envelope that has the job of containing heat. Every window in your home is like a hole in that envelope, where warm air can get out, and cold air can get in. In the case of old windows, you can lose up to 40% of your heat! Think about that for a minute. It’s like ordering an entire pizza and only getting to enjoy a little more than half of it – but you have to pay for the whole thing. That’s just ridiculous.

Here’s the way replacement windows save Marshfield area homeowners money. Newer windows are built with modern technology. They include multiple panes of glass, insulating gas, and other features that block the cold winter wind from getting into your home. More importantly, they stop the warm air in your home from getting out.

Guess what happens when you stop losing more than a third of the warm air in your home? Your home stays warmer – and when your house stays warmer, you don’t have to keep turning up the thermostat. This means your home heating system runs less often and you save money. This is proven technology that works. In an ideal world, you’d upgrade all of the windows in your home for maximum benefit, but if keeping to a budget is a thing, you can absolutely see benefits by having replacement windows installed in your home one room at a time.