Duxbury Home: Cut Heating Costs With Replacement Windows

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“Thank goodness this year’s winter hasn’t been as harsh as last year’s,” Marcus said. “The heating bill’s gone up but not nearly as much as I expected.” The Duxbury senior frowned. “Expenses keep rising, but I’m on a fixed income. If it gets too cold, I just don’t know what I’ll do.”

Stan and Marie came away from a visit with their father, Marcus, troubled and concerned. “I hate to think about Dad choosing between staying warm and paying his other bills,” Marie said. “Maybe we should see if we can’t pre-pay some of his fuel bill for him.”

Stan nodded. “That’s one idea, but it only fixes the problem until that fuel’s gone. We need a way to bring the overall expense of heating Dad’s house down.”

“I know he had the insulation upgraded a few years ago,” Marie replied. “What else could be done?”

“I think it’s time to talk about replacement windows and doors,” Stan said.

Having replacement windows and doors installed can lower the expense of heating and cooling the Duxbury home. This is because today’s modern replacement windows are built to keep much more warm air in. Older windows, particularly if they’re single pane windows or the generally flimsier original construction windows, can leak a lot of air. Energy efficiency experts have estimated that nearly half of the warm air in a home can leak out through old, inefficient windows.

There are several types of replacement windows and doors. Choosing the type that best meets your family’s needs and budget becomes easier when you work with a local expert.