Energy Efficient Means You Save Money: The Impact of Windows & Doors on South Shore Homeowner Budgets

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Saving money is very important to many South Shore homeowners. It’s an expensive place to live, and people work hard to stretch their budgets. One way to maximize your spending power is to reduce expenses. Saving on home heating doesn’t mean you have to turn the thermostat down to 50 degrees and wear six layers of clothes and a ski hat inside the house – you have other options!

It costs money to operate your furnace, boiler or other home heating system. Old windows and doors are often leaky and poorly-made. Small cracks, gaps, and vulnerabilities that you may not even see let the warm air inside your home out and the cold air in. This means either your house gets chilly or you’re cranking up the thermostat trying to keep everybody warm.

Replacing your windows means those cracks, gaps and vulnerabilities are gone. Replacement windows are manufactured to fit your home exactly. Professional installation ensures your home becomes more air tight and energy efficient. Energy experts agree that up to 40% of a home’s energy can be lost through leaky doors and windows. Once you stop that energy loss, your house will stay warmer. Your home heating system will  need to run less often. The result – significant savings on your energy bill. Replacing just one window can positively impact your home’s energy efficiency.

The cost of heating a home in the South Shore of course varies by the size of the home and how it’s heated, but for most families, it’s at least a couple hundred dollars each month. Making your home more energy efficient will result in a reduction in your home heating expense. The money you save can be used in other ways. Replacement windows are built to last, which means you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a more energy efficient home for a very long time.