Enjoy A Mosquito Free Summer with a 3 Season Porch

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Everybody loves the great outdoors, but not everyone loves getting sunburned or bit by mosquitos. If that describes anyone in your family, it’s time to think about how a 3 Season Porch can make life more fun for everyone.

What Is a 3 Season Porch?

A 3 Season Porch is an enclosed, uninsulated porch that has lots of windows. These windows can be either glass windows or screen, depending on your choices. 3 Season Porches can be added to your home on the front, back, or sides – the choice is yours, based on your home layout and the unique building characteristics of your lot.

What Are the Advantages of a 3 Season Porch?

Having a 3 Season Porch built onto your house does many wonderful things. First and foremost, it’s additional living space available for your enjoyment during most of the year. Here in Massachusetts, most people only stop using their 3 Season Porch during the coldest parts of the year. Having a 3 Season Porch or sunroom built is one of the most cost-effective ways to enlarge your home.

Another great thing about 3 season porches is they provide a cool, comfortable place to hang out during summer’s hottest days. For really little kids, the elderly, or anyone who easily gets overheated, having a shady retreat is important. The 3 Season porch is also a nice place for the kids to come in out of the rain in case of a sudden storm.

3 Season Porches for Entertaining

The open, airy nature of 3 season porches make them an ideal spot for entertaining. A few pieces of casual furniture are all you need: it’s a great spot to hang out and catch up with each other. 3 Season porches are also a good setting for playdates. There’s something special about sleeping out in a screen house: every kid – or kid at heart – should have the chance at least once.