Entryway Door Colors: Cheerful, Bright & Inviting

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One of the best parts of choosing a new entryway door is deciding what color you want. Therma-tru Entrance Doors combine the beauty of wood with the durability of fiberglass, and can be manufactured in a dazzling array of colors. The DIY Network recently identified the most popular entryway colors, and shared information on what type of impression each hue makes.

If you choose a replacement door that’s turquoise: You’re a South Shore homeowner whose aware of design trends, appreciates cheerful vintage looks and nautical detailing. Friendly and inviting, the turquoise door works best with a casual aesthetic.

If you’ve come to North Star Windows and Doors for a bright yellow door: Your commitment to optimism is definitely going to be noticed. Bright yellow doors invite smiles – and commentary on how hard it must be to keep the door looking good. Choosing Therma-tru means maintenance is a breeze: these easy clean doors resist stains, fingerprints and marks well and clean up quickly.

Red front doors: A classic New England look, the red front door can be traditional and elegant or quaint country charm. You decide – and remember, your choice of knobs, hardware, windows, and decorative elements is virtually limitless. Therma-tru doors are extremelly customizable.

If you choose a replacement door that’s dark blue or indigo: You are absolutely on point for South Shore homes. Dark blue doors are among the most popular: the dark, stately color makes a great first impression and pairs beautifully with white, gray, and tan/beige sidings.

Orange may seen an extreme color for a front door, but if you’re trying to add life and color to a gray, charcoal, or overly dark brown home, it’s surprisingly effective.

These five choices represent only a small fraction of the color possibilities available when you choose a Therma-tru Entranceway from North Star Windows and Doors. We love helping customers create the door of their dreams!