Exterior Storm Windows: Keeping Winter’s Worst Weather Away

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Hurricane Irma tested the windows in a Palm Beach, Fl hotel that was under construction. Obviously, Palm Beach is a long way from our Massachusetts location, but we still read this story with interest. It’s storm window season in New England, and homeowners want to know how well today’s exterior storm windows stand up to the elements.

Exterior storm windows are installed to provide an extra layer of protection against strong winds, flying debris, rain, snow, sleet and more. The past few years have made it clear that everything we have known about weather patterns may need to be reconsidered. Storms are coming more frequently and with greater intensity. Homeowners who want to preserve the value and beauty of their home choose storm windows to protect the home’s original windows and the integrity of the home.

There are two types of storm windows: exterior storm windows and interior storm windows. Exterior storm windows are mounted on the outside of the home, and are the more popular installation throughout New England. Be aware that many exterior storm windows are designed to be installed permanently: these are ideal for applications where you don’t open the windows throughout the year.

An added benefit of exterior storm windows is the way they buffer the noise. As the South Shore area has become increasingly crowded, complaints about ambient noises and traffic have increased. Exterior storm windows can cut down the amount and volume of noise that makes it into your living space. This results in a quieter, more restful living environment.

The most important thing to know about exterior storm windows is that they’re extremely strong. The hurricane rated windows we read about earlier stood up to the wrath of Hurricane Irma despite the fact that all the windows in the facility weren’t even installed and forces were impacting the windows from both sides. Here in New England, we’re spared the hurricane force winds: strong exterior storm windows provide the protection we need!