Finding Vinyl Siding Contractors in South Shore MA

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South Shore homeowners who have recently had vinyl siding installed on their South Shore homes were asked to share their tips for finding a great contractor. Here are their answers:

“The number one tip I would share with anyone trying to find a vinyl siding contractor in the South Shore is to ask any potential contractor for a list of jobs they’ve already done,” Harriet said. “You don’t have to bother the people who live in the homes – just drive around and see how the places look to you. It’s a good way to get an idea of what you can expect yourself – and honestly, if a contractor doesn’t want to show off their work, you don’t want that person putting vinyl siding on your house.”

“Experience matters too,” says Marcus. “I understand that everyone has to start somewhere, but I don’t want that somewhere to be my house. If I ask how long you’ve been in business and you answer in months, rather than years – or even better, decades! – you’ll understand my hesitation.”

For Walter, it’s all about the value. “You don’t want to go with the lowest bidder, but you don’t want to get ripped off either. Find out about the quality of the vinyl siding that’s being used. Some brands really are much better than others. You’ll pay more but it’s worth it, because you won’t have to pay to do the entire job all over again ten years from now!”

“Sometimes contractors take your money and then disappear off the face of the Earth,” Chris said. “That happened to my mother, and I would hate to see it happen to anyone else. Research the company. Find out if there have been complaints. If there have been numerous complaints against a company, choose someone else. That sounds obvious but it can save you a ton of heartache!”