Five Reasons You Don’t Want Replacement Windows

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Reason #1: You’re Really Into the Retro-70’s Vibe Your Single Pane Aluminum Windows Have

Hey, we get it. The Seventies were cool. If you have a home built during that area, and you want to keep that sweet style going, old single pane aluminum windows go perfectly with your burnt orange shag carpeting, harvest gold kitchen appliances, and macrame plant hangers…which you’ve obviously kept all this time as well, right? We’d love to see a picture – oh wait, that’s right. You can’t do that with a rotary landline phone!

Reason #2: Chilly Drafts Are Your Favorite Topic of Conversation

Replacement windows keep chilly drafts out. What are you going to talk to your sweetheart about if frigid breezes aren’t sneaking into your house through thin glass and leaky frame of your current windows? Complaining together is what keeps love strong! Besides, who knows what might happen if you are comfortable and warm together?

Reason #3: You Love The Sweet Music of Street Noise

Replacement windows help keep your home quiet, buffering out the sounds of vehicles going by, barking dogs, and that one neighborhood kid who’s sure he’s the next Pavarotti. Who in the world would want to give that glorious cacaphony up? Why, without loudly chirping birds greeting the sun as it rises every morning, is it even possible to get out of bed?

Reason #4: Painting Window Frames Is Your Favorite Thing Ever

Vinyl replacement windows don’t need to be painted. The color lasts and lasts. What fun is that? Summer vacation is made for spending long hours on a ladder, scraping window frames and then ever so carefully repainting window frames under the blazing sun. And don’t forget the fun of spotting that one spot you missed long after you’ve put the ladder, paint and brushes away! Nothing beats getting all that stuff out again to paint a three inch long narrow strip of wooden window frame!

Reason #5: Paying High Heating Bills Is So Much Better Than Buying Food or Fun Stuff

Having replacement windows installed can cut your home heating bill by as much as 40%! Can you imagine how stressful it would be to figure out what to spend the money you would have spent on fuel oil or electricity on something else? The holiday season is stressful enough without having to adapt to lower home heating costs!

(Do these reasons sound ridiculous to you? We think so too! You can find out more about our great selection of replacement windows here! We serve communities in the South Shore and throughout Massachusetts.)