Fix Your Fixer-Upper: Choosing Replacement Windows

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Ah, the joys of home ownership in Boston! Not only are you the proud owner of property in the most expensive real estate market on the East Coast, but you’re now involved in an epic battle against the elements that lasts 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Boston weather, as you may have heard, is wicked. We get snow – lots of snow, epic amounts of snow – and that snow comes with frigid temperatures, howling winds, and an attitude that just won’t quit. In the spring, it rains, and then the summers are so hot you think you’re going to melt waiting for the T.

You want the inside of your house to be a comfortable temperature, dry and free from drafts, all year round. If you’ve bought a fixer-upper, odds are one of the things that needs fixing fast is the windows. Older windows are often a nightmare – even if they’re not cracked, chipped, or damaged, their thin glass, leaky seals, and inferior construction mean you’re losing a ton of heat every winter. Energy researchers have found that up to 40% of your home heating bill can result from paying for heat that just escapes through leaky doors and windows. If you’ve got money to burn, that’s no big deal, but for most Boston homeowners, saving cash is a good thing.

Don’t skimp on replacement windows in Boston. This is definitely one area where you get what you pay for. Try to go cheap with home improvement store windows, and you’ll discover they don’t fit right, they often don’t keep the cold out all that well, and after a year or two, locks, cranks, and other features tend to stop working. High quality replacement windows chosen for Boston’s tough conditions are another story. Majesty wood clad replacement windows are Boston strong, with energy saving features, superior performance, and a look that just can’t be beat.