Garden Window Adds Joy, Light to In-Law Apartment

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“When it became clear that my husband’s mother was going to have to live with us, I knew we’d have to do some renovations,” Kathryn said. “She was already hesitant about moving from Boston to Marshfield, even though it’s not all that far. So I wanted to make sure her rooms were lovely, and that she’d enjoy being here.”

The guest room renovation included upgrading the bathroom, taking out some walls to make the guest room and closet bigger, and installing replacement windows. “I hadn’t thought too much about that part of the process,” Kathryn said. “I just knew I didn’t want the room to be drafty. But then when we were talking with the Marshfield window replacement company, they showed us a picture of a garden window, and I said, ‘That’s it! We have to have one of those!’

Garden windows protrude nearly 2 feet beyond the home’s exterior wall. Made entirely of glass, with a sloping roof, they provide the ideal setting for houseplants to thrive. “Mother does love her flowers,” Kathryn said, “and she loves to watch the birds. Best of all, these garden windows let in so much light. They open on each end, to let the breeze through, so you don’t have to worry about things getting too hot.” The couple chose to have one garden window included in the replacement window upgrade being done to their mother-in-law’s new room.

“She absolutely loved it,” Kathryn reported. “When she walked into the room for the first time, that’s where she went first.” She smiled. “To hear Mother say, “Look at this!” and know that she found at least one thing to be happy about was such a good feeling. Transitions aren’t easy, so if something as simple as having this garden window installed makes it better for her, I’m really glad we had it done!”