Planning 2022 Home Upgrades? Put Window Replacement on the List

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It’s time to start getting serious about your 2022 home renovation plans. If you’re looking for upgrades that improve your home’s energy efficiency, make your home look better, and don’t take forever and a day to get done, you’ll want to schedule window replacement. Here’s why:

Window Replacement is a fast, simple upgrade.

I don’t know how you want to spend 2022, but my guess is that it’s not stuck at home for weeks and weeks overseeing contractors working on your place. Major home renovations take a lot of time, and they can seriously disrupt household routine. Window replacement, on the other hand, is a really fast and simple change. The crew is at your home for a few days at most, leaving you with gorgeous new windows in no time flat.

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Window Replacement makes your house look nice.

It’s natural to want to live in a good looking home. Windows don’t always age well. If your home has aluminum replacement windows from the Sixties or Seventies still in place, it’s not making your house look great. Even more recent replacement windows lose their looks after twenty five to thirty years. Replacing the windows can make your home look nicer, seriously boosting curb appeal.

Window Replacement saves money on the home heating bill.

Look at your most recent home heating bill. Wouldn’t you like to spend a lot less money heating your place? One way to save a significant amount of money on home heating costs is by replacing leaky windows and doors. Energy efficiency experts estimate that you can lose up to 40% of your home’s energy through the windows and doors. That means forty cents out of every dollar you spend on heat is being thrown away. Replace the windows, stop the leaks, save money on heat. It’s simple.

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Window Replacement makes your home look nicer.