How Long Do Replacement Windows Last?

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“I never really thought we’d be able to afford a house in Plymouth,” Scott said. “The prices here are pretty high. So when my wife said she found a three bedroom in our price range and the school district we wanted, we jumped at it. It’s a nice house, but it turns out that it’s really drafty. I don’t get it: the real estate agent told us that the home had replacement windows. Maybe they’ve worn out? I don’t know. How long do replacement windows last?”

The answer to how long replacement windows lasts depends a lot on the quality of the replacement windows and the technology that was used when the replacement windows were made. For example, aluminum replacement windows were a big deal when they came out in the 1960s and 1970s. While that doesn’t seem all that long ago – especially to those of us who were born in that era! – replacement window technology has advanced tremendously in that time. Today, replacement windows are custom built to fit with a high degree of precision, virtually eliminating all cold drafts and moisture penetration. They also feature multiple panes of glass, which is something the older replacement windows just didn’t.

The useful life of vinyl replacement windows depends entirely on their quality. There are many cheaply made vinyl replacement windows available in home improvement stores that last as little as 5 years. The best vinyl replacement windows are designed to last between 30-50 years. You will want to check with your Plymouth replacement window company to choose windows that will last a long time in your home!