How Long Do Replacement Windows Really Last?

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“When I bought this house, the seller told us the windows were brand new,” Kari said. “And that may have been true, but they were’t new great windows. They were new crappy windows that let every breeze and more than a little bit of rain into the house. So here we are, two years into home ownership and looking at replacing all the windows in this place. What I want to know is how long I can expect our replacement windows to last?”

As the South Shore’s most trusted replacement window company, we’ve been providing high quality replacement windows and doors for more than twenty years – and if you trace our company’s history back, it turns out we’ve been in the replacement window industry for nearly 70 years! In that time, we’ve seen replacement window technology advance tremendously. As the technology has gotten better, the expected useful life of a replacement window has gotten longer and longer.

Bear in mind that all useful life estimates depend on the quality of the window and the fact it was properly installed. The type of insulated double pane windows you can get at a home improvement store will generally last ten to twenty years. When you opt for a higher quality, custom fit replacement window for your South Shore home, you get a longer expected lifespan. Vinyl replacement windows regularly deliver 30+ years of performance, with many units lasting two decades or even longer.

There are some factors that impact the useful life of your replacement windows. Some of these are totally beyond anyone’s control, like extreme weather events or household catastrophes. That’s why it is important to select a replacement window with a strong warranty that covers accidental breakage. Replacement windows that are exposed to ocean air need to be of a higher quality to withstand the elements for an acceptable amount of time. If you have questions or need help selecting the replacement windows that are right for your home, just let us know. We’ll be happy to help.