How Long Do Sliding Glass Doors Last?

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There is a huge difference in the useful life expectancy of doors. Interior doors – the ones that hang inside your house, between rooms or on closets – can easily last 100 years, especially if they are of high quality. Exterior doors are exposed to the elements, and the weather we have here in the South Shore area is tough on them. Top quality fiberglass or fire-rated steel exterior doors can last a century, but lower quality doors wear out quicker. Sliding glass doors are a special case. Because of the way sliding glass doors are built and used, they wear out far more quickly. The very best sliding glass doors will last approximately thirty years. Active families, especially those who use sliding glass doors several times a day to let children and pets in and outside, find that their doors don’t last that long.

Here’s how you know when your sliding glass door needs to be replaced:

You can see gaps in or around your sliding glass door. Gaps between the panes of glass or around the door let the cold air in and your warm air out. If you’ve been experiencing cold drafts or chilly breezes inside your home, a leaky sliding glass door can definitely be part of the problem. Sliding glass door replacement can eliminate those cold drafts and save you money on your home heating costs.

The sliding glass door is difficult to open and close. The hardware that allows a sliding glass door to open and close easily and smoothly can wear out over time. The more the door is used, the quicker this hardware wears out. Remember that a door that will not stay shut or cannot be locked is dangerous for your family, as it allows an intruder easy access. Sliding glass door replacement keeps your family safer.