How To Know You’re Paying a Fair Price for Replacement Windows

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“This is our first home,” Christopher said. “So as we take on these renovation projects, it’s all a learning process. We’ve got a lot of questions, like how much should we really be spending on replacement windows? What’s a fair price for a replacement window? I don’t mind spending money if we need to, but I don’t want to waste money either. What does a realistic replacement window budget look like?”

As CertainTeed window dealers, these are questions we hear a lot. Before we answer them, there’s questions we have for you. Every homeowner is different, and has different priorities for their home. Sometimes a replacement window is simply that – a window in the home was broken and needs to be swapped out for an identical unit. In that case, pricing is very simple.

But if you’re upgrading your windows, making a significant change to your home’s look and appearance, the situation becomes more complex. There are so many options available, including all vinyl replacement windows and wood clad replacement windows, different types of glass, designs, grids and more, that it takes a little work to do a true apples-to-apples price comparison between the different replacement window manufacturers and dealers. We’re happy to work with you to determine how much the windows you’d like to have would cost, and invite you to compare our prices to those you’ll find from other South Shore replacement window companies.

Part of determining whether or not you’re getting a fair price is the quality of the replacement windows you wind up with. There’s a reason we’re proud to be CertainTeed window dealers. Over the years, CertainTeed has reliably delivered top quality windows that look great and perform extremely well. Homeowners who have chosen CertainTeed replacement windows have been pleased with their decision and have recommended them to their friends.