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​The Northeastern region of the United States brings a few distinct images to mind: seafood, sports, and fishing. In fact, the coast is an important part of the Northeastern economy, bringing with it delicious lobster as well as tempestuous weather. For homeowners living in the Northeast, there are many things to consider when it comes to doors for the home.

Whether you are new to the region or just looking to renovate your old home, it’s important to find the right front door styles that will stand strong in Northeastern climate patterns. Read on to find the best front door styles for life in the Northeast.

Factors for Northeastern Front Door Styles

Northeastern homeowners should consider two important things when searching for the ideal front door styles: the region’s warm and humid summers and its cold, bitter winters. Additionally, the Northeast is prone to heavy rainfall and the occasional intense storm. Therefore, it’s important to look for front door styles that resist all the weather that the Northeast has to offer: sun and humidity in the summer, snow and ice in the winter, and consistent rainfall throughout the year.

Designs For Northeastern Front Door Styles

The Northeast features several different architectural styles. One of the most common is the Colonial style home, often made of brick or clapboard, with a steeply pitched roof and shuttered windows as protection against the elements.

There is no shortage of front door styles available to northeastern residents. However, there are a few particular designs that will be exceptionally beneficial in the Northeast’s climates. For example, the classic dutch doors are divided in two, allowing for the top half to open while the bottom half remains closed. This is one of the classic front door styles and allows for extra ventilation during the humid summer season.

Storm doors are also an essential addition to northeastern homes, due to the possibility of intense weather. Storm doors can also dramatically increase your home’s energy efficiency in the home during the harsh northeastern winters.

A home in Nantucket with one of the Northeast’s classic front door styles. | © CC BY-SA 2.0 / Doug Kerr

Materials For Northeastern Front Door Styles

For Northeastern living, there are a few different materials for front door styles that will work with the elements. While wood doors are generally sturdy, the humid summer may warp or rot the wood. Aluminum doors are more resistant to wear, although they conduct temperatures more quickly. That means the door will warm up with the summer and be cold to the touch during winter. Fiberglass doors will be the best option for Northeastern weather, as they do not warp when faced with humidity or condensation. Additionally, if you choose a door with window glass, look for glass with passive low-e coatings for additional energy efficiency.

Summary: Fiberglass and Storm Doors for Northeast Residents

Because the northeast experiences such a wide variety of weather, finding the ideal front door styles for your home is an important part of living in the region. Fiberglass doors will hold up against the myriad of weather factors and maintain the elegant look of your home. A set of storm doors will also help reduce the negative effects of Northeastern weather.