Instant Boost to Curb Appeal: Replacement Windows

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“They talk about Boston neighborhoods being tight,” Dorian said, “but I hadn’t realized quite how tight it was around here until we bought our home. People were definitely checking us out. They wanted to know who had moved into their community.”

“To be fair,” Eva said, “the property we purchased is a little on the distressed side. The previous owners had gotten underwater and let it go into foreclosure. While it was vacant, people took advantage. There was damage. There were two broken windows and the front door had been kicked in at least once.”

“Having replacement windows and doors installed was definitely a top priority,” Dorian agreed. “There are a lot of replacement window companies operating in the Greater Boston area, but we didn’t want to go with just anyone. We took the time to find a company that understood we had goals for our home. We’re bringing this house back to life. We wanted windows that worked flawlessly and looked even better.”

“And we’re not especially handy,” Eva added. “Painting walls, scrubbing floors – we’ve got that covered. But I wanted to know that the replacement windows would be installed by professionals who did the job right. I don’t want to have to worry about leaks or drafts or whether the window would shut properly.”

“It’s important not to let price be your only consideration when choosing a Greater Boston replacement window company,” Dorian said. “We got bids that were lower, but when you looked at the quality of the windows they were offering and read the online reviews…well, do you really want to trust your home to the lowest bidder?”

“We’re thrilled with how our replacement windows look, and I love our new front door,” Eva said. “Best of all, the neighbors took it as a sign we’re really here to stay. A couple of the older ladies have complimented how nice the house looks now, and that makes me feel really good about our decision.”