Is Installing Replacement Windows Ever A DIY Job?

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Everybody’s got a budget, and working on your home can be an extremely satisfying experience. There’s a reason so many people enjoy doing DIY projects. You get the fun of making your place better while saving money. But is installing replacement windows ever a DIY job?

We’re going to be very transparent here. As a replacement window company in the South Shore, we think the overwhelming majority of homeowners – perhaps as much as 95%! – are going to be happier with the results if they choose a professional to install their windows. Do you think you might be in the other 5%? Ask yourself the following questions:

How are your DIY skills? Installing replacement windows is a multi-step process that involves precise measurement, manual labor, and heavy lifting. It’s extremely important that the replacement windows be both level and plumb. A tight fight ensures that moisture and air penetration is controlled. Consider the previous renovation projects you’ve worked on, and honestly assess your skills. If you have doubts, have a replacement window company in the South Shore handle it.

How do you feel about warranty protection? Most major replacement window companies offer a pretty fantastic warranty – but that protection is contingent on having your replacement windows installed by a certified professional. Having anyone else put the windows in voids the warranty. If the peace of mind that comes with warranty protection is important to you, you’l want to have a replacement window company in the South Shore do the job.

How coordinated and strong are you? Trust us – as a replacement window company in the South Shore, we spend a lot of time moving and installing windows, and we can let you know with 100% certainty that replacement windows are heavy. Installing replacement windows on the second or third story of a home can require using a ladder or scaffolding, which can be awkward and dangerous. If none of this sounds like your idea of a great time, save yourself lots of stress, and call the pros!