Is Installing Vinyl Siding A DIY Job?

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The North Star Bailey team has been serving South Shore homeowners since 1945. People know we do good work and they trust our opinion. That’s why, from time to time, we’ll have customers ask if they can just purchase vinyl siding and do the installation themselves. Here’s what we have to say about that:

Is installing vinyl siding a DIY job? What sounds like an easy question can actually be pretty challenging to answer. A lot depends on the person who will be doing the actual installation. If you’re an experienced construction professional who’s installed vinyl siding before? Given enough time, some help and the right tools, the odds are pretty good you can put vinyl siding on your house yourself.

If you’re not an experienced builder, and have never put vinyl siding on anything before, we’d recommend working with a vinyl siding contractor. The DIY instructions you’ll find on the internet make it look very easy to put siding on yourself, but have you noticed all of their instructional photos are taken close to the ground, generally in an area that doesn’t have any windows or doors? If your home has windows and doors, and your walls go higher than you can reach standing on the ground (SPOILER: This would be most homes in the South Shore!) the installation process gets a little more complicated. It’s important that your siding be installed properly to keep moisture out, as well as creating a pleasant visual appearance. Siding that’s not straight or that’s installed in such a fashion that it sags or droops will damage your home’s curb appeal and value.

One advantage of working with a South Shore vinyl siding contractor, whether or  not you’ve the skills to do the job yourself, is that you get to keep your free time while the contractors handle all the installation. If you don’t have a few weeks of free time available, that means a lot of nights and weekends are going to be given up. Keep your free time! Let the professionals do the job for you.