It’s Planning Season: Everything You Need to Know About Having Replacement Windows Installed

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Well, South Shore homeowners – have you had enough of winter yet? One way to make the cold and snow feel a little less oppressive is to begin planning your home upgrades for 2019.

Let’s talk about having replacement windows installed in your South Shore home. It’s fair to say that replacement window installation isn’t as much fun to talk about as some more exciting home renovations, like redoing the kitchen or having an addition built, but when it comes to upgrades that improve homeowner satisfaction and boost energy efficiency and curb appeal, they’re hard to beat.

Vinyl Replacement Windows: Better than You Think

Today’s best vinyl windows offer an extremely high-end look, superior energy efficiency, and the quality construction South Shore homeowners prefer. The style options are practically limitless: you can customize your windows by choosing different shapes, grid patterns, glass treatments, and more. These are windows that look great inside and out. We install a lot of wood-clad vinyl windows in situations where the homeowner wants a traditional look. All vinyl replacement windows are family friendly and easy to maintain.

The Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows

If you believe your home should be comfortable for everyone that lives there, you need vinyl replacement windows. Having vinyl replacement windows eliminates the tiny gaps, cracks, and penetration points that exist in your current windows. These vulnerabilities allow drafts and moisture into your living space. This is really bad news for anyone who spends time on or near the floor – think toddlers and pets – as well as anyone who has difficulty maintaining their body temperature – think your older family members or anyone who has chronic health challenges.

Vinyl replacement windows keep the warm air in your home. This means your home heating system has to run less often. This means you’re using less fuel and spending less money.