Keep Heating Costs Down With Replacement Windows

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“Every year, around the holiday season, I become really aware of my budget,” Casey said. “And just around the same time, things start getting pretty chilly here in Pembroke. That means I feel every draft coming in through our old, leaky windows – and I can just imagine how much heat is going out!”

Home energy experts agree that a home can lose up to 40% of the warm air within a home through leaky single pane windows – an expensive proposition whether you heat with electricity, fuel oil, or natural gas. Using drapes and covering windows with plastic can only do so much – and both options weren’t really in keeping with Casey’s plans for her home. That’s when she started researching what kind of replacement windows were available in Pembroke. Appearance was very important to her.

“It’s the holidays,” she said. “I want to be able to have people over and have them see our gorgeous view.” Showing her family and friends plastic-covered windows wasn’t even an option. “Last year, I just cranked the heat up when everyone was here. It cost a fortune.” She smiled. “But this year, things will be much better.”

Over the course of the summer, Casey had replacement windows installed in her Pembroke home. “It kind of figures that since I had that done, we’ve had an abnormally warm winter,” she said with a laugh. “But I don’t miss feeling those chilly drafts, especially first thing in the morning.” Her heating bills have been lower, and “It’s nice to have the extra money for the holidays,” Casey concluded. “It’s a lot more fun to buy presents than fuel oil!”