Keeping Relationship Drama to a Minimum During Home Renovation Projects

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A few years ago, Fortune magazine reported that home renovations caused 12% of couples to consider divorce. That’s not what anyone wants! Home improvements are supposed to result in happier families. With that in mind, here are some tips to help keep relationship drama to a minimum during home renovation projects:

1) Go into the process with your eyes open

Knowing that many couples find renovations stressful gives you the opportunity to be proactive and take control of the situation. Talk to your sweetheart about it ahead of time. Develop a strategy to keep yourselves from getting stressed out. Acknowledging and planning for the stressful aspects of home renovations can help you both stay calm, cool and collected throughout the process.

2) Understand what you’re getting into

Let’s say you’re thinking about having replacement windows installed. Both of you should know what’s involved in the process, and agree which one of you will be responsible for which parts. When responsibilities are discussed this way, it eliminates misunderstandings and resentment. It also eliminates surprises. Knowing that getting new windows involves getting measurements, having the windows manufactured, delivered and installed can help you create a realistic timeline as a couple. Consider that timeline with other things that are happening on the family calendar – if someone has to travel for work, or there’s a big family event, or other conflict, it may be a good idea to schedule your window replacement for later in the season.

3) Agree on priorities

Home renovation jobs can be approached in a number of ways. For example, one partner may want to have the best looking replacement windows, while the other partner may want to focus on window quality and energy efficiency. Talk through your priorities. Knowing what matters most to each partner, or what their concerns are, can help you choose the project design and materials that please both of you. Looking at our replacement window example, it’s possible to make everyone happy: CertainTeed Windows are perfect for the South Shore.