The Surprising Role Replacement Windows Play in Keeping Your Light Bill Down

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“A year into this pandemic, and we’re all looking at lessons learned, I guess,” Joe said. The Kingston homeowner has experienced some financial ups and downs over the course of the past twelve months, as his business was forced to shut down for several months, and then could only re-open at limited capacity. “For me, I have to say that I now understand how important energy efficiency is in a way I never did before. The bills keep coming in, even when the money isn’t. It’s important to keep the cost of heating and cooling your home under control.”

Replacement Windows Boost Energy Efficiency Year Round

If your home has really old, single pane windows, you’re losing nearly half of your heated or cooled air all day long, every single day. More modern replacement windows from decades past, including aluminum frame replacement windows and double pane windows, may have been the peak technology of the time, but after being in use for all of this time, they’re not as efficient as they once were. This is especially true if the windows have been damaged in any way – leaks, cracks, gaps along the edges, or sill damage can make it very easy for cold air and moisture to infiltrate the home. To find out the exact amount of energy you’re losing through your windows and doors, you can use a infrared laser thermometer or a U-value kit, but for the majority of homeowners the most accurate testing tools are their personal comfort level and the utility bill.

If you’re cold, feeling drafts, or notice that some areas of the home are consistently chillier than others, it may be time to talk to your Kingston window replacement company about making some upgrades. Window replacement can be done on a room by room basis, addressing the most problematic areas first, if you’re not ready to replace all of the windows in the house at once.

“That’s what I did,” Joe said. “We had larger windows in the family room that were original to the building. I loved the look but they were letting in a ton of cold air. Our Kingston window replacement team helped me find wood clad replacement windows that looked almost exactly the same as the old ones and now the house is so much warmer. And I’m glad to say the fuel bill has gone way down!”