The Kingston Home: Yes! Replacement Windows Create Coziness

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“Some people want an impressive home. Some people want a beautiful home. But for my kids and I, “Pam said, “I’d like to have a cozy home.” The single mother of three recently purchased a home in the Kingston, MA area. “The main issue of concern is that the house gets really cold. Every time the wind blows, we’re cranking up the thermostat – it’s just so drafty! But I can’t afford that. Will replacement windows really help?”

Replacement windows can make your home cozier. In older homes – even those that were built in the early 2000’s – the windows aren’t always what they need to be. Some homes’ original construction windows were chosen because they were readily available and affordable – not because they were the best protection against the elements.

Here in the South Shore area, the weather can get pretty extreme. “We get so much snow in Kingston that it’s ridiculous,” Pam explained. “And the wind is just brutal – especially at night. The kids’ rooms are on the north end of the house, which means they get the brunt of it.”

Having replacement windows installed is a way to eliminate the cracks, gaps, and vulnerabilities that allow cold breezes into the house. Those openings also let warm air out – that’s why Pam had to run her furnace so frequently. Energy experts estimate that up to 40% of a home’s energy can be lost through leaky doors and windows.

Another way replacement windows can help create a cozy home is by sheltering your family from loud neighborhood noises. Traffic, local businesses, and even road construction can all impact the quality of life you enjoy inside your home. Today’s best replacement windows feature multiple panes of glass and insulating gas pockets that reduce the amount of neighborhood noise that you hear. This can positively impact your family’s ability to sleep – and what could be cozier than a good night’s sleep?