Charming Kingston Home: On Vertical Vinyl Siding

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“Every home has a feel to it, you know? It evokes an emotional response with its appearance,” Louis said. “And for our home, I want that emotional response to be “Oh! How charming!”

Creating curb appeal begins with choosing your home’s exterior. Louis and Keysha had their home built for them, choosing a fairly traditional design. “Architecture-wise, we wanted the home to fit into the neighborhood,” Keysha explained. “At the same time, we want it to stand out – in a good way.”

The couple had initially rejected the idea of vinyl siding. “I’d grown up in a home with vinyl siding and believe me, I wanted something better than that now,” Louis said. “We went for a drive around the neighborhood to see what kind of exteriors we really liked. I noticed that every place Keysha really got excited about had vertical board & batten siding.”

“It’s such a nice, clean look,” Keysha said. “I thought it was very modern, although when we talked to the vinyl siding contractor in Kingston, it turns out to be a very classic New England style. So really, we’re getting the best of both worlds.”

“I know I said no vinyl siding,” Louis said, “but that’s before I knew how good vinyl siding can actually look. It’s like anything – when you buy quality, it shows. That sad, saggy siding on my childhood home was not what you’d call quality. Some vinyl sidings are much, much better than others. You pay more, but if you care what your house looks like, now and in the long run, you’ll find it’s worth it.”

“We went with the Certain Teed Board and Batten vertical vinyl siding, and I’m glad we did,” Keysha said. “We also got vinyl shutters, all around the windows, it looks fantastic. The house looks like it came out of a story book. It’s adorable!”