Love Vertical Vinyl Siding? Find A Contractor in the South Shore

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“I have loved the look of board and batten siding since I was a little girl,” Jennie said. “That’s what my grandparents had on their place in Cape Cod, and I’ve always wanted it. Now we have the home in the South Shore, and I’m ready to go. But my husband says the maintenance of board and batten siding is too much work to maintain. What can I do?”

Old school board and batten siding has been a design favorite for generations. Originally, board and batten was made of individual boards, carefully selected and nailed into place. It was a lot of work to create, and a lot of work to maintain: as boards split, warped, or were damaged by the elements, they had to be replaced, which often meant removing one or more boards – which wouldn’t have the same weathered look as the boards surrounding them. Newer board and batten siding comes in panels, but it still requires a lot of upkeep, including regular sealing to protect it from the elements.

The alternative of most interest to today’s homeowner is vertical vinyl siding. You can get the gorgeous rustic look of board and batten without any of the work, and none of the maintenance. You never have to paint vertical vinyl siding. It comes in a wide variety of colors and the color lasts for decades without fading, even in direct sunlight. When everyday grime accumulates, it’s easily washed away with a hose. The work involved with vinyl siding for the homeowner is absolutely minimal.

The tricky bit is that not every South Shore contractor installs vertical vinyl siding. It’s a higher end product, and you need a skilled installation team to make sure your home looks absolutely perfect. When choosing a contractor to install siding in the South Shore, ask for references and to see examples of their work. Experience matters when it’s your home’s curb appeal on the line!